Religious Buildings Special Report

Windows in Religious Buildings:
Higher Standards Needed for Protective Glazing

Installation of protective glazing is very popular on religious buildings for storm protection and security. However, a recent study shows that improperly designed secondary glazing cab cause more problems than it cures.

Neal Vogel, Inspired Partnerships, Chicago Ill. stated “The vast majority of U.S. Churches have protective glazing (PG) today, yet a recent study proves that it causes serious damage to stained-glass windows nationwide by increasing condensation and heat build-up in the airspace, and preventing routine maintenance.

As part of an initial investigation of protective glazing issues, Inspired Partnerships performed a field survey of 100 PG installations nationwide. Condensation was found in 70 percent of the windows. Nearly all plastic glazing ( over 60 percent) had clouded over, while some of the windows were too obscured to see through at all.

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