What you can turn off to save energy and money

  • Add timers to photocell-controlled lights so they are not on all night
  • Disconnect lights and ballasts in vending machines
  • Adjust power settings on computers and peripherals
  • Consolidate refrigerated appliances. Clean and turn off ones that are not needed.
  • Time condensate evaporators on large refrigeration equipment
  • Replace coffee warmers with carafes, just like most coffee shops have done
  • Use vacancy sensors for lighting.  Unlike an occupancy sensor, you must manually turn on the lights, and they turn off automatically.
  • Turn off eating pilot lights in non-heating months
  • Close off unused rooms by drawing shades, closing doors and covering radiators.
  • Cover overheating radiators/convectors with aluminum foil or blanket insulation
  • Use one of multiple boilers piped in parallel
  • Don’t operate ceiling fans during the winter


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