Protecting Pianos

From the Dampp Chaser website:

The Piano Life Saver System from Dampp-Chaser Corporation is sold by piano technicians and piano dealers throughout the world. To activate the 5-Year Warranty for the System, it must be installed in the piano by a professional piano technician.

The cost of the System will vary according to the System required for the particular piano you own and the per-hour labor rate of technicians in your area. Typically, a Grand System will range from $550 to $650. A System for larger Grands may cost upwards of $800. To achieve pitch stability for Grands, in environments with extreme air movement may require the installation of a Grand Undercover J which is an additional cost. An installed Upright System starts at about $500 although some Steinway Uprights and player pianos require a special Backside System which starts at about $700.

If your piano technician is not a System installer, click here to find an installer near you. Or, ask your piano
technician to contact us for an instructional installation DVD (800.438.1524; email:

From the Interfaith Coalition on Energy:

We think it is also helpful to purchase or make a quilt that covers the piano to the floor, so that temperature fluctuations are minimized.  From one website that sells such covers:

Available in Black ONLY.  Sizes 4′ 10″ through to 9′ 0″

Length is measured from the very front of the keyboard (closest to the performer) to the far end of the lid. See illustration below.

Choose the size closest to your piano length and then indicate the exact length below.

If we do not have a pattern for your piano, you will be required to supply one. You will be notified if we require a pattern from you.

Full Length Skirt (floor length) on grands available. Choose below. Also, indicate the measurement from the top of the piano to the floor.

Details:  SKU 49A-MQ Weight 10.00 lbs Price: $237.20



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