Job Description: Property Manager, Sexton, Custodian, Maintenance Person

The following is a draft of a job description for a Property Manager for a religious congregation.  Each congregation who uses this document must fill in blanks, strike out phrases that do not apply and add phrases that do apply.  The goal of the final document is to be used by both the congregation and the Property Manager to improve communication and facilitate better facility management with fewer misunderstandings.

In addition to this copy on paper, this document is available on computer disk and by E-mail so that the editing can be done before the document is printed.  The Interfaith Coalition on Energy views this as a draft and eagerly seeks input from any and all who use it.



Job Description




[Alternative titles — Sexton, Custodian, Maintenance Person]


Date ___________________

The following is a job description for a
part time ________ hours per week

full time ________ hours per week

Property Manager.


Under the direction of

 (name of direct supervisor),


the ___________________ committee,

the Property Manager will have the responsibility for the following buildings or properties:





The Property Manager will be required to do the following:

Speak and write English acceptable for high school graduation.

Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.

Abstain from alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs in such a way as to be able to perform sober and straight work functions.

Be comfortable with heights to change lamps, work in attics, and clean rain gutters.

Be able to lift fifty pounds.

Be able to organize and prioritize multiple tasks for various people.

Have a valid drivers license.

Have a knowledge of landscaping and plant care.

Do tasks requiring the knowledge of multiple trades, including carpentry, minor plumbing which does not require a plumbing license, and minor electrical repairs which do not require an electrician’s license, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning.

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