From ICE enthusiasts

Excellent energy report!!!!  Our potential energy cost savings are substantial and the initial investment modest.


It really is win-win.  Thanks, you have done extremely well for our church!!!!
Roger Olson, Pine Street Church


Again many thanks for your very intensive and informative review.
Joseph Scott, Unionville Presbyterian Church


We hope you are OK and that this little check helps.
Shirley Perkins, Minnesota


Thanks for all your help and valuable information.
Edd Murphy, Corpus Christi parish


Here is a check for $35.  Keep the newsletter coming!
Ken Dunker   from Ames, Iowa


Keep up the good work!
Bobbie Hinline     from Greensburg,  PA


I hope all is well with you….  Enclosed is a contribution of $200.  Keep up the good work!
Best regards,
Carroll Weinberg, MD.


Thanks a million for your help through your organization to our church.  Included, please find a small donation for your cause.
Pastor Victor M. Rivera Temple Ark of Salvation


I do remember how helpful you were with a heating system change when I had maintenance responsibility at the Christian Science Church in Swarthmore some years ago.  Now that I’m at the West Chester church, I’m still in maintenance and look forward to your bulletins.  Thanks for all you do.
Harry Beach


On behalf of Westminster Presbyterian Church, thank you for the comprehensive report with recommendations that you made on our behalf.  Our check for your fee is enclosed.
Anne Gunn, Church Adminstrator


This small donation will not go far nowadays.  But I think your organization is helping.
John Menger, Minneapolis


“Thank you for so much for all you do.  We will be sending you a donation.  Keep up the great work.”
Jonathan Brandt from Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon


I’m so happy to see that your web site is up and running  — it looks wonderful!
Tanya Marcovna Barnett
Earth Ministry,  Seattle, Washington


The purpose of this letter is to let you know that Trinity Reformed Church recently completed the renovation of its heating system from steam to hot water.  For the most part we accepted the recommendations given in your June 2001 report…. We are very pleased with the results and want to thank the Interfaith Coalition on Energy for your independent evaluation and recommendations.
Don Vernier, Chair – Property Committee   &   Fred Schuetz, Chair – Heating System Subcommittee


Please accept this donation from the New Life Presbyterian Church.  We have benefited greatly from your newsletter, Comfort & Light.  Thanks!
Carol Giffi, Building Committee


I read your publication every time it arrives. Thanks for the good work.  Blessings.
Pastor Kris Newman, First Assembly of God


The enclosed check is a contribution toward the newsletters for next year.  Based on the helpful information in Comfort and Light, I almost ordered a “Watts Up” energy meter, and was debating how to elaborate to go in the feature of the two models.  Then, your most recent newsletter came with information on “Kill-a-Watt” and it became clear that this bare-bones meter will serve our needs quite well.  I’ve got one measuring the electrical usage on an antique chest freezer that a local church is using for a food bank – the results will be fascinating! Thanks for ongoing stream of product information.  Blessings on your good work in the year to come.
Shalom,     Peter Sawtell, Executive Director of Eco-Justice Ministries”


Thank you for answering my questions and sending the massive amount of information in the mail. It was very helpful! Your organization is quite impressive.
Prema Kesselman


“I have been a subscriber for several years for the Dumbarton United Methodist Church.  This church was founded in 1772.   The present building was built in 1844.  Needless to say, we have our building problems, and your Newsletter has provided much useful guidance in responding to them.  I am pleased to enclose a check for $30 to convey my interest and support.
Walter Wells”


“It was great to have you for evaluating our heating system.  The Chair of Trustees told me he learned a lot. Your presence made us aware of how it is important to take care of the building which is God’s gift.  Thank you for sharing blessings with us, and may God bless other ministries through your services.”
Pastor Yoshiya
Ravenswood United Methodist Church


Dear Interfaith Coalition on Energy,
I do not know how we got on your mailing list, but I am very grateful.  The newsletter is wonderful and very informative.  Is there a similar organization in Virginia?  We are a congregation of approximately 1000, growing every day.  Three years ago, we did a major renovation of the church, adding new offices, kitchen and a parish hall.  Then I came along.  With few records of files, we have managed to pull things together, but with the increased gas costs (and our nine units) it was an eye-opener this past year.  I would appreciate any further information and would be more than happy to make a contribution.  Keep up the great work!
Jane Shafran
Facilities Manager
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
Arlington, VA


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