Draft of a Job Description for a Property Manager for a religious congregation

Job Description Property Manager

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[Alternative titles — Sexton, Custodian, Maintenance Person]

The following is a draft of a job description for a Property Manager for a religious congregation.  Each congregation who uses this document must fill in blanks, strike out phrases that do not apply and add phrases that do apply.  The goal of the final document is to be used by both the congregation and the Property Manager to improve communication and facilitate better facility management with fewer misunderstandings.

In addition to this copy on paper, this document is available on computer disk and by E-mail so that the editing can be done before the document is printed.  The Interfaith Coalition on Energy views this as a draft and eagerly seeks input from any and all who use it.

                   Date ___________________

The following is a job description for a
part time ________ hours per week


full time ________ hours per week
Property Manager.



Under the direction of

 (name of direct supervisor),


the ___________________ committee,

the Property Manager will have the responsibility for the following buildings or properties:





The Property Manager will be required to do the following:

Speak and write English acceptable for high school graduation.

Be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.

Abstain from alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs in such a way as to be able to perform sober and straight work functions.

Be comfortable with heights to change lamps, work in attics, and clean rain gutters.

Be able to lift fifty pounds.

Be able to organize and prioritize multiple tasks for various people.

Have a valid drivers license.

Have a knowledge of landscaping and plant care.

Do tasks requiring the knowledge of multiple trades, including carpentry, minor plumbing which does not require a plumbing license, and minor electrical repairs which do not require an electrician’s license, and heating, ventilating and air conditioning.


The responsibilities of the Property Manager include the following:

maintain the cleanliness of the inside and the outside of all facilities belonging to the congregation.


Perform routine inspections and maintenance according to a written schedule provided by the congregation,


Advise the property committee about short-term and long-term maintenance concerns,


Manage projects and maintain relationships with contractors and vendors to assure that projects are completed on schedule and that supplies and services are purchased within budgetary expectations,


Oversee safety and security of the facility.

Test fire and security systems according to schedules stated by the manufacturer.

Control the distribution and use of keys.

Perform all on-site work …


Report regularly in person to the property committee meetings to advise the committee about the status of projects, budgets, emergencies and unexpected expenditures.

If unable to attend a particular meeting, the Property Manager will

            file a written report to the Committee.



      report by telephone to the chair of the Committee.

The Property Manager will be responsible for the following:

Develop and maintain a list of projects to be done in conjunction with cleaning, maintaining and repairing the facilities belonging to the congregation, complete with dates of expected completion. The list will be updated at each meeting of the property committee or more frequently.

Review cleaning procedures to assure that the choice of cleaning chemicals and their application does not harm the surfaces of the materials to which they are applied.

Help develop a written maintenance schedule with the assistance of the property committee.

Perform routine maintenance according to that schedule, including

   assuring adequate supplies of maintenance and cleaning materials,

   cleaning rain gutters and leaders twice per year,

   and painting window sills.

Keep the schedule up to date by revising it periodically.

Prepare and maintain a budget for care of the property belonging to the congregation.

Reduce the energy consumption of the facilities owned by the congregation.

Record the use of electricity and fuel from each invoice.

Compare each month’s usage of electricity and fuel to that of the month from the previous year.

Strive to lower each month’s electric and fuel use compared to the months of prior years.

Report to the property committee about progress in reducing energy consumption and cost.

Understand the electric and fuel use in comparison to similar facilities in similar climates.

Implement the operations and maintenance suggestions from any energy surveys.

Clearly label the function of every switch, pipe, circuit breaker, duct and valve if not already labeled.

Control the distribution of keys to the facility.

Manage projects and coordinate contractors and vendors to assure that projects are completed on schedule and within budgetary expectations.

Assure the safety and well-being of people visiting the congregation.

Become acquainted with property managers working for neighboring congregations, learning particularly what skills may be shared among the group.

Maintain the facility in a sanitary neat, organized and orderly fashion.

Maintain an adequate stock of maintenance supplies. Coordinate rubbish removal. Clean, dry and store dishes and kitchenware. Keep track of the contents of refrigerators and properly dispose of unusable items.

Purchase materials at the lowest practical cost, not at retail price.

Maintain MSDS records on any chemicals purchased and have those records accessible in case of emergency.

Review purchases over $____________ with the committee.

Keep records of purchases.

Keep records of projects undertaken and enter the records in the building archives.

Clear snow to maintain safe entry to the facilities.


Clear snow to maintain safe entry to the facilities as required by municipal code.


Clear snow in all parking lots belonging to the congregation and to maintain safe entry to the facilities.


Supervise all snow removal.

Mow all the lawns associated with the facilities.

Maintain the gardens associated with the facilities.


Supervise the maintenance of the grounds belonging to the congregation.

Maintain the vehicles belonging to the congregation.

Maintain the cemetery belonging to the congregation.

Keep informed about property maintenance by attending seminars and workshops, by reading, and by discussing property management issues with fellow property managers.


The Property Manager will:

Keep informed about the congregation’s activities and interests.

Maintain a warm, courteous and professional manner.

Maintain a pleasant telephone manner.

Help to resolve any building operation problems that may occur and/or contact congregation members or volunteers who can assist with specific building operation problems.



The congregation agrees to pay the Property Manager

         $___________  per _____________

In addition, the congregation offers ________ vacation days to be taken with the advance notice of _________ days.

In addition, the congregation agrees to pay for overtime work according to the following formula:

      $ ______________ per _______________________________

      $ ______________ per _______________________________

In addition, the congregation and Property Manager agree to the following policy for uniforms:


In addition, the congregation and Property Manager agree to the policy for housing:


In addition, the congregation agrees to the following pension benefits:




In addition, the congregation agrees to the following disability and health insurance benefits:




The probationary work period for the Property Manager will be

              __________________ working days

at the end of which time, further employment will be discussed at a meeting with

Given ________ days notice, this agreement may be terminated without reason or cause either the congregation or the Property Manager.

If termination is immediate and with no notice, the congregation agrees to pay the Property Manager a lump sum equal to that earned during the number of days notice specified above, including benefits.

Agreed: _________________________    _____________
                      Property Manager                            Date

             _________________________    _____________
                 For the congregation                             Date



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