Biblical Citations On Our Environment

The Interfaith Coalition on Energy, March 2005

Frederick W. Krueger’s List of Biblical References to our Environment:

*  before citation indicates commentary included in full printed text in Fred’s larger document. 
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Old Testament:


*Genesis 1:1 The “creation”
*Genesis 1:3 Let there be light
 Genesis 1:4-5 The first day
 Genesis 1:6 Creation of the “firmament”
*Genesis 1:7-13 The separation of land and water


 Genesis 1:14-19          

The sun, moon and stars
*Genesis 1:20-22 The creation of the animals
 Genesis 1:24-25 Creation of the land animals and man
*Genesis 1:26 Dominion over creation
 Genesis 1:27 The image of God and its dimensions
*Genesis 1:28 Replenish the earth 
 Genesis 1:29-30 God provides sustenance for all creatures 
 Genesis 1:31 It was all very good. 
 Genesis 2:1-2 On the seventh day, God rested 
*Genesis 2:4 A second beginning to creation
 Genesis 2:8 Adam and Eve in paradise 
 Genesis 2:9                   Three trees and a river 
*Genesis 2:15 Dressing and keeping creation
 Genesis 2:16-17  Knowledge of good and evil 
*Genesis 2:19  Naming the creatures 
 Genesis 2:21-22  The formation of woman 
 Genesis 2:24-25 Man and woman together and unashamed 
 Genesis 3:1-7 Disobedience: the beginning of sin 
 Genesis 3:8-16 God’s response to sin 
*Genesis 3:17-19  The consequence of the fall 
 Genesis 3:22  Adam and Eve expelled: good and evil 
 Genesis 3:23 Adam’s duty was to till the earth 
 Genesis 4:2-15 Cain and Abel and God’s curse on Cain 
 Genesis 5:3-31 The deepening of the fall 
 Genesis 6:5-8 God’s decision to purge the earth 
 Genesis 6:18-20 Bring all the birds and animals into the ark 
 Genesis 7:2-4 Take seven of useful animals into the ark 
 Genesis 8:15,17 Bring two of every other creature 
*Genesis 8:21-22  The stability of creation 
*Genesis 9:1-3  A new beginning for creation 
*Genesis 9:8-13  The covenant between God and creation 
 Genesis 13:5-12 Ancient people and land division 
 Genesis 15:1-18 A model for hearing the Word of God 
 Genesis 17:7-9 The covenant with Abraham 
 Genesis 28:16-17 The house of God, His presence is here 
 Genesis 33:10 The face of God 
 Genesis 47:20-21 Pharaoh held a land monopoly 
 Exodus 1:7-14 The emergence of the Egyptian empire 
 Exodus 3:7 I will deliver my people into a good land 
*Exodus 9:29  God’s ownership of the earth 
 Exodus 19:5 All the earth is mine; you shall be obedient 
 Exodus 20:5-6 God’s mercy endures for 1000 generations 
 Exodus 20:8-11 Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy 
*Exodus 20:22-25  An altar of unhewn stone 
 Exodus 22:25 Prohibition of interest 
 Exodus 23:10-12 Let the land rest and thy ox rest 
 Exodus 24 The cosmic shape of the temple 
 Exodus 25:11-14 Gold and stones: meaning and properties 
 Exodus 33:14 The presence of God in creation 
 Leviticus 6:1-7 The ecological problem of deceit 
 Leviticus 7:22-27 Prohibition of eating meat 
 Leviticus 11:1-24;47 Clean and unclean animals 
 Leviticus 11:33-34 Criteria for clean water: importance today 
 Leviticus 14:4,6,49,52 Cleanse the house with cedar 
 Leviticus 18:22-28 Homosexuality and defilement of the land 
 Leviticus 19:1-2 You shall be holy: Keep the whole law of God 
 Leviticus 19:16-18 Restraint on technology 
 Leviticus 19:19 Prohibition of inter-species marriage 
 Leviticus 24:21 Restoration required for killing of animals 
*Leviticus 25:1-7  A Sabbath day of rest 
 Leviticus 25:18-19 Obedience to God brings fruitfulness to land 
*Leviticus 25:23-24  The land is God’s; use it righteously 
 Leviticus 25:23-28 List of land owner rights and responsibilities 
 Leviticus 25:39-43 Ancestral family property, the jubilee 
*Leviticus 26:3-9  Obedience to God brings fruitfulness 
 Leviticus 26:20,33-35 Disobedience brings loss of fruitfulness 
 Leviticus 26:42-46 A Sabbath for the land 
 Leviticus 27:14-24 Sanctifying home and fields 
 Numbers 3:1-8 The continual demand of obedience to God 
 Numbers 5:1-4 Purging what defiles the community 
 Numbers 9:1 God speaks in the wilderness 
 Numbers 11:1 Ecological effect of complaining 
 Numbers 13:1-2,17-20 Forethought to avoid eco degradation 
 Numbers 14:20-24 Right attitude necessary for a whole earth 
 Numbers 19:6 Cleansing of disease with cedar wood 
*Numbers 35:29,33-34  God’s judgement over human dominion 
 Deuteronomy 5:33 You shall walk righteously in the Lord 
 Deuteronomy 7:12-13 Obedience brings a prosperous land 
 Deuteronomy 8:7-10A Good land 
 Deuteronomy 11:8-10 Keep the law of God and land will flourish 
 Deuteronomy 11:12 God sees all of creation (thru His presence) 
 Deuteronomy 16:19-20 In justice you will live fruitfully 
*Deuteronomy 20:19-20  Even in warfare, do not destroy trees 
*Deuteronomy 22:6-7  Care for the productivity of creation 
 Deuteronomy 30:19-20 Choose life 
 Deuteronomy 32:1-2 Let the earth hear my words 
 Joshua 2:11 The Lord is God in heaven and earth 
 Judges 9:8-15 Story of the trees 
 I Samuel 15:22 Obedience brings harmonization and blessing 
 II Samuel 7:9 The Lord is with people, they didn’tknow it 
 I Kings 4:33 Solomon spoke of trees and had wisdom 
*I Kings 4:29, 33-34  Role of wisdom 
 I Kings 10:24 All the earth sought Solomon’s wisdom 
*I Kings 19:9-12  Elijah and power over creation 
 II Kings 21 Two views of the land 
 II Maccabees 7:28 Creation made from no thing 
 I Chronicles 16:11-12 The Lord’s judgements are in the earth 
 I Chronicles 16:29,31-34
The effect of praise upon creation 
 I Chronicles 28:8 Care for the land 
 I Chronicles 29:11 Heaven and earth belongs to the Lord 
 II Chronicles 7:14 I will heal their land 
*II Chronicles 7:12-14  Ecological healing tied to spiritual healing 
 II Chronicles 36:20-21 God requires his Sabbaths 
 Sirach 42 The formation of creation 
 Song of Songs 2:11-13 Cycles of nature 
 Song of Songs 3:6 Who comes out of the wilderness? 
 Song of Songs 8:5 Leaning on the “beloved” in the wilderness 
 Nehemiah 9:6 You have made heaven (change title) 
 Job 5:10 God’s providential care of creation 
 Job 7:7-10 My life is as wind…. 
 Job 9:2b-7 A comparison between God and mortals 
 Job 11:7-9 The deep mysteries of creation 
*Job 12:7-9  The animals have their own understanding 
 Job 14:7-8 The vitality of creation 
 Job 28:12, 23-28 Where is wisdom? 
 Job 33:4 The Spirit of God has made me 
 Job 37:14-18 Consider the wondrous works of God 
 Job 38:4-7 Where were you when I laid the foundations 
 Job 38:28-36 What is the place of humans in creation? 
 Job 39:1-2 God cares for all of the creatures 
 Job 40:4 Human vileness in relation to God’s goodness 
 Psalm 1:1-3 The Law establishes person in righteousness 
 Psalm 5:8-10 Addressing issues with faithfulness 
 Psalm 8:1 Thy name is excellent in the earth 
 Psalm 8:3-5 Christian anthropology 
*Psalm 8:6-9  Human responsibility for creation 
 Psalm 11:7 The Lord loves righteousness, i.e., order 
 Psalm 18:6-24 How the Lord manifests in the world
*Psalm 19:1  Creation reflects the Creator 
 Psalm 19:3-7 The rule of God fills the earth 
 Psalm 22:19-28 The ends of the world remember the Lord 
 Psalm 24:1-2 The earth is the Lord’s… 
 Psalm 24:3-5 Who ascends into the hill of the Lord? 
 Psalm 27:4 Behold the beauty of the Lord 
 Psalm 29:3-8 The voice of God in creation 
 Psalm 31:19-21 The secret of the Lord’s presence 
 Psalm 33:8-9 Let the earth fear the Lord 
 Psalm 33:14-22 Strength is in God 
 Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good 
 Psalm 36:5-9 God’s faithfulness extends to creation 
 Psalm 37:1-3,8-11 Do not fret because of the wicked 
 Psalm 37:18-20 God’s providence provides in famine 
 Psalm 42:1 Parallels bet.animals, earth, humans & God 
 Psalm 46:8-10 Behold the works of the Lord 
 Psalm 50:9-12 God owns the animals 
 Psalm 65:9-10 The Lord enriches the land 
 Psalm 65:11-12 The joy in creation; it relies upon God 
 Psalm 65:17-18 New heavens and a new earth 
 Psalm 67: 5-7 When people praise God, the land yields fruit 
 Psalm 74:4-9 Cutting trees and failure of holiness 
 Psalm 74:12-17 The works of the Lord 
*Psalm 85:8-13  The virtues bring harmony to creation 
 Psalm 89:5 The heavens praise the wonders of God 
 Psalm 90:1-3 We have dwelled in the Lord 
 Psalm 90:4 A thousand years is as a watch in the night 
 Psalm 90:16-17 Let the beauty of the Lord appear to us 
 Psalm 92:6 The deep designs of nature 
 Psalm 93:1 The world shall not disappear 
 Psalm 96:9 Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness 
*Psalm 96:10-13  Creation rejoices 
 Psalm 97:1-6 The Lord reigns over earth 
 Psalm 100:1 The land rejoices in the Lord 
 Psalm 102:25 The heavens are the work of the Lord 
 Psalm 103:22 Praise the Lord in His dominion 
 Psalm 104:1-12 The Lord and His creation 
 Psalm 104:13-15 The land and rain: the hydrological cycle 
*Psalm 104:16-23  God’s Providence cares for creation 
 Psalm 104:24-25 In wisdom you have made them all 
 Psalm 104:26 The leviathan in creation 
 Psalm 104:27-29 The Providence of God extends to animals 
 Psalm 104:30-34 The Lord renews the face of the earth 
 Psalm 104:35 Sinners shall be consumed out of the earth 
 Psalm 106:14-15 The effect of wilderness on human soul 
 Psalm 107:1-3 Give thanks to God 
 Psalm 115:16 The earth is for humans 
 Psalm 119:27 Loving the law of the Lord 
 Psalm 119:89-91 Your Word established and sustains earth 
 Psalm 121:1-2 My help comes from the hills, and the Lord 
 Psalm 136:3-9 His love endures forever 
 Psalm 139:7-10 Where can I flee from your presence? 
 Psalm 139:14 Thank you for amazing order to human body 
 Psalm 145:3-7 I will meditate on your majesty 
 Psalm 145:8-9,13 The Lord’s dominion endures forever 
 Psalm 145:16-17 The Lord is righteous toward what He’s made 
 Psalm 147:7-8 Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving 
 Psalm 147:9-20 The bounty and supply of the Lord fills creation 
 Psalm 148:1-5 Creation praises its Lord 
 Psalm 148:9 Fruitful trees praise the Lord 
 Psalm 150:6 All creation praises the Creator 
 Proverbs 1:7-14 The way of wisdom 
 Proverbs 3:13-20 The earth is founded in wisdom 
 Proverbs 6:6-8 Learn from the ants 
 Proverbs 8:1-5 Formation of the world 
 Proverbs 9:1 Creation is built by wisdom 
 Proverbs 9:8-10 Teaching care of creation 
 Proverbs 11:30 The fruit of righteousness is tree of life 
 Proverbs 11:31 The righteous are compensated in the earth 
 Proverbs 15:16 It is better to have little with fear of God 
 Proverbs 23:10 Honor the human shape of the land 
 Proverbs 27:23-27 Know the state of the world around you 
 Proverbs 28:20 Wealth and innocence 
 Proverbs 30:8 Contentment 
 Proverbs 30:24-28 The little critters 
*Ecclesiastes 1:4  People are transitory, earth endures 
 Ecclesiastes 1:7-8 The value of the work of creation 
 Ecclesiastes 2:5 Greatness is in planting trees 
 Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for all things 
*Ecclesiastes 3:11  God has created the world in beauty 
 Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 The fate of people and animals is same 
*Ecclesiastes 5:9-10  The resources of creation are for all 
 Ecclesiastes 6:1-7 The nature of evil in creation 
 Ecclesiastes 9:4 A living dog is better than a dead lion 
 Ecclesiastes 11:5 Knowledge of how creation works 
 Ecclesiastes 12:11-13 Be admonished and hear 
 Wisdom 1:7 The Lord’s spirit fills creation 
*Wisdom 7:7-21  Prayer reveals the creation 
 Wisdom 7:22-27 Wisdom can do all things 
*Wisdom 9:1-4  Human responsibility to rule creatures 
 Wisdom 11:22-12:1 The immanence of God in creation 
 Wisdom 13:1-5 Contemplating God through creation 
*Wisdom 16:24-26  Creation reflects person’s relationship to God 
 Ecclesiasticus 7:15 Do honest work 
*Ecclesiasticus 38:2,4,8  Do not neglect the healing of herbs 
 Isaiah 1:2 My children have rebelled against the law 
 Isaiah 1:3 The animals know better and are more obedient than the people 
 Isaiah 1:6-7 The whole body is sick 
 Isaiah 1:16-17 Healing works which heal creation 
 Isaiah 1:19 If you are obedient, the land shall flourish 
 Isaiah 1:29-30 They shall be ashamed of oaks they have cut 
 Isaiah 2:3 Let’s go to the mountains & Lord will teach us 
 Isaiah 2:12-13 Day of Lord comes to trees as well as men 
 Isaiah 2:4 Swords into plowshares 
 Isaiah 2:5 Walk in the light of the Lord 
 Isaiah 3:18-24 Critique of adornment 
 Isaiah 5:8-10 Woe to you who join house to house 
 Isaiah 5:11-14 Captivity of the Lord’s people thru disobed. 
 Isaiah 5:20 Woe to them who call evil good and good evil 
 Isaiah 6:1-2 His “train” filled the temple 
 Isaiah 6:3 The whole earth is full of your glory 
 Isaiah 6:13 In the oak: process of nature 
 Isaiah 7:14 A virgin shall conceive 
 Isaiah 7:18-19 The Lord shall gather the insects 
 Isaiah 9:6-7 Christ is unique: joins heaven and earth: makes Christ Unique 
 Isaiah 10:1 Woe to them that write unrighteous decrees 
 Isaiah 10:18-19 And shall consume the glory of his forest… 
 Isaiah 10:34 The Lord shall cut down the forests… 
 Isaiah 11:1-5 The Lord shall judge the earth 
 Isaiah 11:6-9 The wolf shall lie down with the lamb 
 Isaiah 11:11-13 Unity shall be restored 
 Isaiah 13:9-13 The judgement of the world 
 Isaiah 14:7-10 In silence, creation sings 
 Isaiah 14:18-20 Those who destroy the earth shall be cast out 
 Isaiah 21:13 The forests of Arabia, now extinct  (climate) 
*Isaiah 24:3-6  Consequences of forgetting ancient covenant 
 Isaiah 29:17 The fruitful field shall be as a forest 
 Isaiah 32:12-17 How judgement dwells in the wilderness 
 Isaiah 32:14-16 The promise of ecological healing 
 Isaiah 32:17 Fruit of righteousness is quiet and confidence 
 Isaiah 33:9 Why the earth mourneth 
 Isaiah 35:1-2 The wilderness shall rejoice 
 Isaiah 35:6-12 Wilderness 
 Isaiah 37:21 They arrogantly cut forests; reproached Lord 
 Isaiah 40:7 The world passes, but the Word endures 
 Isaiah 40:26 The wonder of the stars 
 Isaiah 41:17-20 Relationship between poverty, water and trees 
 Isaiah 41:19 Cedars in the wilderness 
 Isaiah 42:5 The Creator of earth also created people 
 Isaiah 43:18-21 Forget the past: A new thing is coming 
 Isaiah 44:3-4 Holy Spirit brings good into creation 
 Isaiah 44:12 The Lord made all parts of creation 
 Isaiah 44:9-20 They have not understood 
 Isaiah 45:18 Creation is meant to be filled, not empty 
 Isaiah 48:13 God laid the foundations of the earth 
 Isaiah 51:3 The Lord makes the wilderness like Eden 
*Isaiah 55:1  Biblical economics 
 Isaiah 55:12-13 The joy of creation and good trees flourishing 
 Isaiah 56:1-2 Managing resources for everyone 
 Isaiah 58:6-9 Caring for the poor and homeless 
 Isaiah 58:14 Obedience brings joy and God’s blessing 
 Isaiah 59:15-16 The Lord is displeased that there is no justice 
*Isaiah 65:16-17  The Creator must be first in all things 
 Isaiah 65:17-18 New heavens and a new earth 
 Isaiah 65:20-22 The shalom of the earth 
 Isaiah 66:1 The world is His footstool 
 Jeremiah 2:7 The defilement of creation 
 Jeremiah 5:22 God makes the shape of creation 
 Jeremiah 5:25 Sins upset the order of creation 
 Jeremiah 6:16 Seek the old paths 
*Jeremiah 8:6-7  Nature knows the laws of God 
 Jeremiah 9:10 Lamentation for the cattle in mountains 
 Jeremiah 9:24 How the Lord heals creation 
 Jeremiah 10:1-5 They (vainly) cut trees out of the forest 
 Jeremiah 11:17 Partridge 
 Jeremiah 12:10-12 Disloyal pastors destroy the vineyard 
 Jeremiah 17:8 Blessed is he who trusts in God 
 Jeremiah 22:6-9 Destroyers cut cedars thru disobedience 
 Jeremiah 23:23-24 God’s presence in creation 
 Jeremiah 25:36-38 God’s judgement in the natural world 
 Jeremiah 31:35-36 The stability of the order of creation 
 Jeremiah 46:22-23 Pillage, pests and… over-cutting of trees 
 Ezekiel 17:22-24 How forest and animals work together 
 Ezekiel 27:1-36 The harvest of timber shall lead to bankrupcy 
 Ezekiel 33:8 Duty to warn one’s neighbors of danger 
 Ezekiel 33:30-32 The importance of application 
 Ezekiel 34:2-4 Failure of the shepherds to care for sheep 
 Ezekiel 34:10 The shepherd is accountable for flock 
*Ezekiel 34:18-19  Use creation, but do not abuse it 
 Ezekiel 34:25-26 The beasts shall live safely in the wilderness 
 Ezekiel 34:27 The trees are fruitful when people are obedient 
 Ezekiel 36:26-27, 35-36 Through God comes restoration of creation 
 Ezekiel 37:1-14 Restoration of the House of God 
 Ezekiel 38:1,8-12 The Lord teaches how to “cover” the land 
 Ezekiel 38:20-23 All the creatures shall know the Lord 
 Ezekiel 39:10 Take no wood nor cut down the forests 
 Ezekiel 43:2-4 The earth shines with the Lord’s glory 
 Ezekiel 44:23 Discerning between right and wrong 
 Ezekiel 45:16 An attitude about creation 
 Ezekiel 47:6-10 Trees make for many fish in the river
*Daniel 3:75  Creation’s praise of God 
*Hosea 2:18-20  All creation included in the covenant 
 Hosea 2:21-23 Absorption of the land into the Creator 
 Hosea 4:1-3 The land mourns 
 Hosea 4:6 Forget God’s law and God forgets you 
 Hosea 10:12-13 Sow justice and avoid consumerism 
 Joel 1:12 Trees wither because joy is withered 
 Joel 1:13 Make the clergy respond to forest devastation
 Joel 1:8-20 Defilement of creation.
 Joel 2:19 Rejoicing at repentance
 Joel 2:21-24 Be not fearful, but obedient to God
 Amos 2:6b-9 God destroys the proud 
 Amos 5:24 Let justice pour down like a river 
 Micah 4:2-4 They shall beat swords into plowshares 
 Micah 6:8 The Lord requires justice and humble walk 
 Nahum 3:16-17 The merchants proliferate
 Habbakuk 2:14; 3:3 Knowledge of the Lord shall fill creation
 Habbakuk 2:15 Corruption of nieghbors
 Habbakuk 2:20 Let the earth keep silence before the Lord
 Habbakuk 3:17-18 Rejoice in the Lord 
 Haggai 1:6-10 Seek contentment 
 Zechariah 3:7 You shall also judge my house 
 Zechariah 7:9 Execute true judgements 
 Zechariah 11:1-7 Those who destroy forests, Lord will destroy 
 Malachi 1:7 An offering of polluted bread 
 Malachi 3:8 Will a person rob God? 
New Testament:  
*Matthew 2:11  The birth of Christ into the world 
*Matthew 4:1  Perspective on wilderness 
*Matthew 4:17  Repentance 
 Matthew 5:5 Seek first the kingdom, all else is added 
 Matthew 5:45 God’s rain falls on the just and unjust 
*Matthew 6:10  Fulfilling God’s will in the world 
*Matthew 6:19-21  Heavenly riches 
 Matthew 6:24 You cannot serve two masters 
*Matthew 6:25  Life is more than material needs 
*Matthew 6:26-27  Behold the birds 
*Matthew 6:28-29  Observing the lessons of creation 
*Matthew 10:16  An attitude toward the world 
 Matthew 10:29,31 God’s awareness of every sparrow 
 Matthew 11:8-11 Wilderness: The greatest prophet 
 Matthew 13:31-32 A lesson about ecology from seeds 
 Matthew 20:25-28 Jesus teaches about dominion 
*Matthew 22:37-40  Who is my neighbor? 
 Matthew 24:45-46 Who is the faithful slave (or steward)? 
 Matthew 25:14-30 We are expected to be fruitful 
 Mark 1:35 Jesus went to a solitary place 
 Mark 4:19 The “cares of the world” defile creation 
*Mark 4:30-32  Ecology as an imperative for reflection 
 Mark 4:39-40 Jesus rebukes the wind and sea 
 Mark 8:36 Seek not to gain the whole world 
 Mark 10:17-25 Commentary on riches 
 Mark 10:45 Jesus came to serve, not be served 
*Mark 16:15 Christ’s Gospel is for all creation 
*Luke 1:31  What does “Jesus” mean for ecology? 
 Luke 4:18-19 Continuity of New Testament with Old 
 Luke 8:5-8 Sowing seeds 
*Luke 9:54-56  Christ teaches about dominion 
*Luke 12:15  Avoiding possessiveness 
*Luke 12:22  Renunciation of self concern 
 Luke 12:27 Consider the lilies, how they grow 
*Luke 12:42-43  The task of stewardship 
 Luke 12:45-48 The requirement of stewardship 
 Luke 16:1-2 No spoiling or wasting 
 Luke 16:2,10,13 Give an accounting of your stewardship 
*Luke 19:40  Even the rocks will cry out 
 Luke 22:25-27 Gentile authority vs. Christian authority 
*John 1:1-4  In the beginning is cosmology 
 John 1:14 How Christianity is unique 
*John 1:17  What does Jesus bring to ecology? 
*John 3:16  The Incarnation is for the whole world 
 John 4:34-35 What sustains the Lord also sustains ecology 
 John 12:24-25 Fear of dying
 John 13:3-5 Jesus’ example of service 
 John 13:12-15 A call to service for all Christians 
 John 15:4-5 Lesson of branches and fruitfulness 
*John 16:8  Redemption is for all creation 
 John 18:36 “My kingdom is not of this world” 
 John 20:14-15 Like Mary M., we don’t see Jesus
 John 20:21
Jesus sends us
*Acts 17:28  Christ’s presence fills creation 
 Romans 1:8 Thanksgiving as a world view 
*Romans 1:19-20  The creation reflects the Creator 
 Romans 1:21 Thanks be to God 
 Romans 1:25 They exchanged the truth for a lie 
 Romans 5:19-21 Death by sin, but liberation thru Christ 
 Romans 8:19-21 Creation shall be delivered from bondage 
*Romans 8:22-23  The redemption of the cosmos 
 Romans 11:22-23 Being right with God 
*Romans 11:36  God creates and is in all things 
 I Corinthians 4:1-2 Stewards of the mysteries of God 
 I Corinthians 4:20 The kingdom of God is in power 
 I Corinthians 6:20 The extinguishing of individualism 
 I Corinthians 8:6 All things are through Jesus Christ 
*I Corinthians 9:25  Temperance bridles consumption 
*I Corinthians 10:24,26  The earth and resources are the Lord’s 
 I Corinthians 12:7-12 We are one body in Christ 
 I Corinthians 12:24-26 We suffer the plight of creation 
 I Corinthians 14:8 The message must be clear 
 I Corinthians 15:20-22 In Christ all will be made alive 
 I Corinthians 15:41 The unique glory of each created thing 
 II Corinthians 4:4 Jesus is image of God 
 II Corinthians 4:7 This treasure in earthen vessels 
*II Corinthians 5:17  The New Man brings the New Creation 
 II Corinthians 5:17-19 In Christ all things are new 
 II Corinthians 8:15 Lack is plenty and abundance is shared 
 II Corinthians 9:8 God’s providence brings supply 
 Galatians 3:9-13 Faith, grace and works; three in one 
 Galatians 3:13 Word “curse” appears mistranslated 
 Galatians 5:1 Freedom in Christ also heals creation 
 Galatians 5:14-15 Love and do not consume one another 
 Galatians 6:7-9 You will reap what you sow 
 Ephesians 1:20-23 Christ is all in all 
 Ephesians 2:1-3 A striving for holiness brings attitudes of Jesus 
 Ephesians 4:28 An ethic and theology of work starts here 
 Ephesians 6:10-12 The ecology effort is a spiritual battle 
 Ephesians 6:13-18 Tools for earth healing sustain the individual 
 Philippians 2:10 Every knee shall bow to Jesus Christ 
 Philippians 3:20-21 On earth our interconnection is in Christ 
 Philippians 4:5 Not moderation, but epi-eikos 
 Colossians 1:15 The image of the invisible God 
*Colossians 1:16-17  Creation is made for Christ, not people 
*Colossians 1:19-20  Christ reconciles creation with God 
 Colossians 1:22 In the body of His flesh 
 Colossians 2:9 In Christ is the fullness of the Father 
 Colossians 2:10-11 The circumcision of Christ 
 I Thessalonians 2:13 Does the Word of God dissipate? 
 I Thessalonians 4:7 The key to ecological healing 
 I Thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in everything 
 II Thessalonians 2:15 Hold the traditions 
 II Thessalonians 2:13 Be not weary in well doing 
*I Timothy 1:15  The importance of saving enclosure 
 I Timothy 4:4 Every creature is good 
 I Timothy 5:8 Providing for other family members 
*I Timothy 6:6-8  Strive for contentment 
 I Timothy 6:10 Love of money is the root of evil 
 I Timothy 6:17-18 Do not put hope in wealth 
*Titus 2:11-12  A Christian way of life 
 Hebrews 1:4 Thanksgiving as doorway to cosmology 
 Hebrews 1:10-12 The Lord lays earth’s foundations 
 Hebrews 2:17-18 How Christianity is ecological 
 Hebrews 4:13 Nothing is hidden from God’s sight 
 Hebrews 6:7 The earth is blessed by God 
 Hebrews 8:1 Human role as priest 
 Hebrews 8:10-13 The new covenant is now 
 Hebrews 9:15 Jesus is mediator of a new covenant 
 Hebrews 11:3 Unseen is understood by what is seen 
 Hebrews 13:5 Keep your life free from love of money
 James 1:22-25 Be stewards, and do not forget what we are
*James 2:14-17,26  Faith without works is dead 
 James 3:1-2 Servant leadership to heal eco crisis 
 James 4:2 Basis for earth healing prayer groups 
*James 4:4  Seek not the friendship of the world 
 James 4:17 Knowledge of good requires good action 
 James 5:5 The perils of seeking pleasure 
 I Peter 1:17 God judges us by our work 
*II Peter 1:4-5  Addressing ecological despoliation 
 II Peter 2:10 About dominion 
*II Peter 3:10b-13  Emergence of a New Earth 
 II Peter 3:10 The end of nature 
 I John 2:6 Walk as the Lord walked 
*I John 2:15  Do not love the world 
*I John 2:16  How to avoid love of the world 
 I John 2:17 The world passes away 
*Jude 1:5,7-8 The crucial importance of dominion 
 Revelation 2:25 Hold fast onto original theology 
 Revelation 3:9 Cultural captivity of modern Church 
 Revelation 4:3 Meaning of stones 
 Revelation 5:1-10 The angel of the book in the last times 
 Revelation 5:13 Every creature sings in the choir 
 Revelation 6:1-13 The plagues on the earth are all ecological 
*Revelation 7:3  Hurt not the earth 
 Revelation 7:16-17 God will wipe away every tear 
 Revelation 8:3-5 Incense and meaning of fragrances 
 Revelation 8:7 A third of the trees are burnt 
*Revelation 8:10-11  The name of the star is wormwood 
 Revelation 9:1,4 No grass or trees should be hurt 
 Revelation 10:1-5 An angel with a message 
 Revelation 10:6a Invocation of God and His creation 
 Revelation 10:6b The end of time 
*Revelation 11:18  God destroys earth destroyers 
 Revelation 12:1-6 A woman clothed with the sun 
 Revelation 12:7-12 Ecology issues represent spiritual battle 
 Revelation 13:10-17 The work of anti-Christ is in the earth 
 Revelation 15:3 Great and marvelous are your works 
 Revelation 16:1-20 Great plagues fall upon the earth 
*Revelation 21:1,4-5  The promise of the New Creation 
 Revelation 21:1-5 I make all things new 
 Revelation 22:2 Leaves from Tree of life are for healing 

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