Compliments on Our Work

Thanks so much for coming to the meeting. It was a great presentation and provided just the information that we needed.
Ron Avalino

Many thanks for your important ministry, which has helped many churches not only conserve energy, but be good stewards of God’s creation.
Geneva Butz

Thanks again for all your efforts in the audit. I was impressed by
your expertise, your integrity, and your generosity. Be well,
Jill McCracken

It is remarkable how clearly you both grasped and described our buildings. .
Liz Mellen

Andy Rudin is the true fountain of information on this subject and will be the most helpful to you I suspect. Andy has audited more than a thousand religious and non-profit facilities. I would highly recommend having him submit a proposal to do an Energy Cost Avoidance Survey of your facility. This typically costs more than the free NYSERDA energy audit and may cost a little more in your case given the extent of your facilities, but there is a considerable difference in what you will get, which is an easy to understand report, an analysis of your energy purchasing strategy and other things. My general experience is that he will find a number of cost avoidance measures available to you that the NYSERDA audit and ConEd survey will not, and that there is a better than 50% chance that these measures will pay for his cost within a year if implemented.
Michael Kriegh

Someone had signed us up with another energy company YEARS ago and we were paying a significant amount more, so I was able to cancel them. Thanks again for all of your help.
Regina Brady